Should I Turn My Boiler Off in the Summer?

The sun is shining (hopefully!) and you’re spending more time in the garden than in the house. Your heating is switched off and you’re saving on your energy bills. But do you switch your boiler off in the summer completely?

Without a doubt your boiler is the biggest consumer of your property’s energy and over time it can cost you lots of money to run. Any way of cutting the cost of operating your boiler is going to be welcome which is why people often ask if they should turn their boiler off in the summer.

In this blog, we explore the best way to manage your boiler during the summer and whether you need your boiler on.

The answer to turning your boiler off in the summer really depends on what you use it for.
Ask yourself; what type of boiler do you have already? What do you use your hot water for in the summer? What appliances you may use that requires your boiler?

If you don’t rely on your boiler to provide your hot water, then you should be able to get by if your turn your boiler off. If you have an electric shower and tend not to take baths during the summer then you should be fine but be aware that the water from your taps will not be heated.

Generally, old boilers have a pilot light which is a small blue flame which is always burning to show that the boiler is working efficiently. However, over time this pilot light can burn gas and cost you money. If you’re really wanting to pull back on your energy spends this summer, then you could turn it off.

More modern boilers use far less energy than older ones and often have a ‘standby mode’ for when they’re not being used as frequently which means you don’t have to switch your boiler off completely. This ‘standby mode’ will save property owners money on their energy bills as long as the boiler’s cylinder is well insulated. If you’re unsure how this effects your heating system, then speak to a professional gas engineer.

If you are turning your boiler off for long periods, it is important just to turn it back on very occasionally over the summer, in order to prevent the valves from seizing up.
Always make sure your boiler is still functioning effectively for when you need it again in the colder months and to avoid any additional maintenance costs. A great way to do this is to try turning the hot water on for a short burst every few weeks.

Additionally, the summer a perfect time to get your boiler serviced to ensure it’s ready for the cold winter ahead. If your boiler has parts that needs replacing, summer is definitely the best time of year to do it as you won’t be relying on the central heating to stay warm and don’t run the risk of frozen pipes.

Remember, if you are a landlord, you need to do the annual service anyway for your gas safe certificate, and if you are a home owner, it is just good sense. Get this done in summer and you will have fewer problems over the coming winter.

Barry Ward Ltd are equipped to provide an expert boiler repairs service around Merseyside and can recommend more efficient new boilers at competitive prices that can actually save you money in the long-term and all year around – not just in summer. Get in touch to see how we can help you save energy and money.

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