Comparing The UK’s Boiler Brands – Worcester Bosch

Did you know that the average boiler will set you back approximately £2000? For that price you want something that is efficient and will perform for years. It’s not the most exciting purchase in the world, but it is probably one of the most important for your home. So, in this blog we’re discussing the UK’s boiler brands and which one is the best for your lifestyle.

There are many well known boiler brands out there and choosing from those models will minimise the risk of breakdowns and expensive repair parts. And when an average boiler repair session can cost around £200, you can spend that cash on something more enjoyable.

As part of a Which? Survey, they have revealed that Worcester Bosch and Valliant are the only brands making boilers that meet their high Best Buy standards. To meet the criteria, the brand must be loved by homeowners and respected by professionals.

Our chosen supplier, Worcester Bosch came out on top as the boiler brand with a 92% satisfaction score by professionals and homeowners alike. The overall score is accumulated by scores in areas such as reliability, ease of servicing, availability of parts and build quality.

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Worcester Bosch continues to impress both homeowners and engineers with it’s reliability and quality. The survey continues to mention that four in five Worcester Bosch boiler owners are extremely satisfied with their product and would recommend it to a friend. The top rating of Worcester Bosch is an accurate reflection of it’s quality and the fact parts and spares are easy to come by and work with.

From a professional’s point of view, we find that Worcester Bosch is the only brand which earns a five-star rating. We find their products are simple to work with, parts are easy to source and replace, and that the overall quality of the boiler is unlike any other on the market.
No matter what brand your boiler is, it’s important to keep it in tip-top condition, including having it serviced at least once a year by a registered professional. Not doing so will unfortunately invalidate any existing warranty you have on the boiler. Over time, the usage of the boiler can cause wear and tear so performing preventative work on it regularly such as cleaning and replacing worn parts is vital to the upkeep of your boiler.

As a Worcester Bosch Gold Accredited installer, we can repair, replace and install any Worcester Bosch products in your home. By choosing us, we can offer you a longer warranty depending on the product. We can also provide follow-up advice on care and maintenance, and perform annual servicing to ensure that your new boiler remains in prime condition. Want to know more? Get in touch.

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