Energy Saving Questions. ‘Can I…?”

During installations, our Gas Safe Registered engineers are often asked about energy saving and the money it can retain over time. In this blog, we’ll answer some of our most common questions and hopefully pick up some energy saving tips that are helpful as well as save you some cash.

Can a new boiler save money?

In short: yes! Old boilers can run at as little as 60% efficiency meaning you lose as much as 40p in every pound that you spend on energy bills. However, the modern condensing boilers we replace your old boiler with are typically 91-92% efficient.
Additional to their inefficiency old boilers are often installed in inconvenient places that are quite often pivotal to home improvement projects and can be unsightly and dangerous.

Can I get my loft insulated for free?

Unlike a few years ago when they were considerably accessible, nationwide grants are rather difficult to come by these days. Despite this, some energy companies provide free loft insulation through the government’s ECO (Energy Companies Obligation) scheme – check with them directly to see if you are eligible.

Can the right thermostat help with energy saving?

Pick the thermostat that meets your scheduling needs. Some households have a regular weekday/weekend schedule, whereas others have different schedules every day of the week. Different models of thermostats allow for different levels of control. It’s all about control, controlling your heating and controlling your costs. If you use your thermostat correctly, you should be able to do both.

Can I make my home warmer?

If your heating system isn’t working properly, it might be worth looking into a new boiler, heaters or smart controls. Our Gas Safe registered Worcester Bosch Accredited installers will discuss the best models of boiler and heating systems for your home.
Nevertheless, there are quite a few easy and cheap methods you can try in the meantime to keep your house warm; by draught proofing as many areas as possible, buying some radiator reflectors, draught excluders, and topping up your loft insulation.

Can I energy saving when it comes to water heating?

Heating takes up a whopping 40% of our energy bills, but not so far behind it is water heating for everyday tasks.
Thankfully, insulating your hot water pipes is a great way to save money easily. Additionally by having shorter showers and water-saving shower heads are cheap and immediate ways to reduce the energy usage in your daily routine.

Can I save money by leaving my heating on 24/7?

This myth is untrue. As much as it is correct that your boiler uses a lot of it’s energy when firing up, it doesn’t use almost nearly as much by keeping your heating system on constantly. The most efficient way to use your heating system is to set a timer for when you need it and avoid having your heating on while your home is empty.


If you have any other questions regarding your heating system or saving energy in your home, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Or tweet us @LiverpoolHeat

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